FarmCon-LogoLet the competitions begin. Virtual Farming develops a league of their own. e-Sports has been used for other computer software competitions so now the League of virtual farmers that spans ten tournaments across Europe has made virtual farming a competitive activity now.

The Farm Simulator League

The Swiss game studio GIANTS Software CEO Christian Ammann said in a press release announcing the Farming Simulator League. “We have lots of esports enthusiasts in our company who can’t wait to show the world that farming can indeed be fun and competitive at the same time. We believe we found the right mix of real farming and fun to play game elements to ensure everyone will find it entertaining.”

This is a Farm Simulator League from GIANTS Software developer which is a change from the name Farm Simulator Championship.

There is Money in Virtual Farming

In 2017 a German conference called AgriTechnica when three-person hay-baling competition gaining great crowds. A total prize pool for the season is €250,00 over $285,000. There are competitions where the pool start out at $100,000. There is money in this competitive league. FarmCon 2020 planning 10 events amounts to €250,000.

What are the Optics of Competative Farming SimulatorFarmCon-youtube

The FarmCon, an annual meetup held championship event in 2018 of the Farming Simulator fans the dedicated players who compete who most quickly grab bales of hay scattered across a field using forklifts and stack them on a trailer platform. This would seem simple enough but what is at stake is the attention to detail and recreating real life specs. Hence, why many Farming Simulator fans prefer to play with steering wheels and control panels hooked up to their PC.

For the upcoming Championship tournament at FarmCon 2020 this season will focus on ten separate tournaments hosted in Europe at event like GamesCon and Paris Games Week, using a point system to determine which teams will make at FarmCon.

The competition Giants Software stepped away from the bale stacking and now using a three player teams include a coach and substitute not among the three.

Farming Simulator 19 teams are divided into seeded teams and wildcard teams. The Wildcard Qualifiers is the first stage in competition.

The wildcard teams that pass the first stage will face a “seeded team” in the best of one match. Winners here earns the team “Circuit Points.”

Circuit Points will be calculated throughout the Farming League Simulator season and the best players will eventually get to compete in the Farming Simulator World Championship.

The officially kicks off at FarmCon and the teams will clash for the very first time in this new format. Giants Software said that the total competition prize pool for each tournament stands at €12,000.

For thoe who are not competitors or want to compete in the FarmCon, don’t let this stop you from attending. Casual players or the novel enthusiast will still find a great place to be and hang around at because there is a “Farming Simulator 19 goodie-bag “stuffed with great content and bonus material”, as well other surprises.”

What are the Rules for the E-Sports Rules For Farming Simulator?

The new league uses the Farming Simulator 19 playing the GIANTS software. Additionally, the changes e-Sports rules creating competitive 3 vs 3 mode depicting teams challenging each other to determine the best on the field. Three by Three mode provides the competitive edge for precision and skill.

The game will stay true to the farming background by combining real field work like harvesting, with fun and challenging game elements.

We have a unique opportunity”, explains Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software and manager of the e-Sports division. “competitive farming is something people enjoy for years’ now, but it hasn’t been done in e-Sports so far. We have lots of e-Sports enthusiasts in our company who can’t wait to show the world that farming can indeed be fun and competitive at the same time. We believe we found the right mix of real farming and fun to play game elements to ensure everyone will find it entertaining.”

What is E-Sport Leage Mean for Competitors

Farming Simulator experience is not just about creating the farm feel in virtual atmosphere there is an emotional feeling that becomes more than just a job experience in farming that helps a person to unwind from a busy day. This is an experience for capturing the joy and satisfaction of this farming lifestyle. An industry that does not get represented very well. This is a wonderful outlet for the farming enthusiast to bring to light a great lifestyle building a great opportunity to bring some attention to a great industry.

Solute to the competitors and those who will make this years’ competition worth the greatest competitive team building experience. For all those who participate to those who are not sure about competing I hope this will provide the information build the passion for and motivate you and your team to get out and live the lifestyle of farming and experience that joy and accomplishment cultivating some big competition and harvest a windfall of money to boot.

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