I came into the virtual farm games as an online community through social media. I was new to the community of social media but my sister was into social media through which many connections were made to friends and people we hadn’t seen in years. There was face book social media and that there was Farmville. What I liked those online games was the seasonal promotional items and gifting certain farm extras to your friends. Certainly kept the interest. There is a way to farm the virtual farming community without the social media connections. In addition, there are other online sites where money isn’t so much-needed to keep the games going or high priced computer systems but just the fun of online games can help stimulate those gaming desires without breaking your wallet. I shall highlight some of my favorites here. Although there are plenty to purchase on these games if you don’t have a lot of friends to gift you items and to scale up on your farm. This was the downside for my virtual farm games online experience which was frustrating and disappointing to say the least to be able to raise the right crops and harvest them all while amassing some cash for expansion on the farm.

Farmville 2: Country Escape

I turn my attention here to the virtual farm games for free online, I visited some sites and found an interesting pick for those who want to have not just a Desktop computer experience but looking perhaps for smart phone devices or tablet versions. This game will fit for what you are looking for and I have provided this selection of Farmville 2 here as just another opportunity for simulation farming in my simulation world of the Gamer’s Paradise. As a former Farmville player I am delighted to present this game for review.

Developed for the purpose of being a great game version for those who are new to Farmville a great opportunity for beginners to develop their design and flair for farming in the virtual community as well as for those who are former players of the original version who will enjoy this new upgrade technology. Look first at the platforms for this product.

How to play on your smartphone, tablet or PC

  1. To play on a Windows PC, download FarmVille 2 from the Microsoft Store for your Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, or Windows Phone 8.1.
  2. To play on your Android device, install FarmVille 2 from the Google Play store.
  3. To play on your Apple iOS device, download the FarmVille 2 app from iTunes using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

No Facebook account necessary to play Farmville2

Play on the Zynga games website requires login for the Zynga accounts or create a new account or if you still prefer the Facebook account will work as well. Note here that Adobe Flash is needed to run these games.

Description of the game:

Farmville 2 is the another in the Farmville sequel. Like the every popular Farmville, players will plow and plant different kinds of seeds, monitoring their growth process, harvesting the crops, trees and raise animals, build new farm buildings and combining resources to craft more expensive items. You can join the Farm Co-op and share resources with friends and visit your neighbors farms, while customize your farm with decorative items, buildings and animals. New activities fishing at Pike’s Landing even a coastal escape. Features new 3D technology this new graphics will make images vibrant that ever with detail and a more life like appearance.

Game Features:

  • CRAFT a variety of baked gourmet goods like classic country apple pies
  • HARVEST unique coastal crops along with your favorite fruits and vegetables
  • DECORATE to your heart’s content as you customize your farm with your very own house
  • COLLECT hidden and rare treasures as you discover a new coastal farm
  • NURTURE and raise a wide variety of adorable farm animals
  • GARDEN by the beautiful blue ocean as you decorate your farm with flowers
  • EXPLORE a new FarmVille story filled with special farm adventures

The Experience of Playing the Game:

Farm coins and Farm cash are the primary currency of the Farmville2, as players start the game with empty farmland and limited amount of coins. Experience coins earned on each task or activity performed buying items for the farm and preparing the land for seeding when plow the fields.

Leveling up or purchase with real money through different payment options offered, players advance in the game obtaining receive new or upgraded items become available for purchase in the market using Farm coins or Farm cash. Players can also receive bushes or trees and livestock as a gift from other friends playing the game.

This is great news that the farming experience here is wonderful alternative to playing by with others or anytime on a device of your choosing. I like the Farmville for the seasonal items that can be purchased to make you farm suited for fall and Halloween or Christmas all adds to the variations of the game through the year.

The new version does not work in the older version so if you worked with your farm and spent some real money building your farm this will be a disappointment for the newer version.

Unlike the older version planting watering activities don’t have to be accomplished through multiple mouse clicks but the new technology allows using your mouse in sweeping motions to do these activities, a real plus for those who are had farmed before I know this is much improvement from the older version.

Another dislike is that there are fewer crops available in Farmville 2 that in original but there is also more complexity to them that before.

Additional Things to Know in the Game


The part I like is the decorations returned in Farmville 2.

  • Hay bales
  • wagon wheel
  • garden gnomes
  • mansions


Purchasable decorations also return in Farmville 2. Hay bales, a well, a wagon wheel and more showed up in the game’s first media. The rich and vibrant 3D world of Farmville 2 also includes gorgeous and adorable items ranging from garden gnomes to sprawling mansions. The new Right-Click feature will allow players to pick up, move and rotate objects on their farms as they design the look of their farm.


Water Management:

Need water to thrive and most complicated element of this game because you have a finite amount to start the game. Important, of course there is the option to purchase with real money additional water, so water management will be crucial how you decide to using your resources in the game or you will be paying to buy more. When these resources are managed well or are in abundance you can farm continuously if you like.

Sales of Products:

Products right now have to be sold in a roadside stand. There is a future design to have a “Village” a more centralized location to sell products, yet no functional but a nice new feature that will be great improvement for the game.

Crop Overview:

Crop Level Unlocked Cost (Coins) Harvest Time Coin Produced Can Be Turned Into Used in These Recipes
Tomato 10 60 Seconds 12 1 Feed Tomato Paste, Tomato Soup
Wheat 10 4 Hours 14 2 Feed Apple Pie, Apple Scone, Sunflower Bread
Blueberry 15 2 Minutes 17 2 Feed Blueberry Tart, Berry Custard
Pumpkin 15 8 Hours 20 4 Feed Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Filling
Strawberry 18 24 Hours 24 10 Feed Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Pie
Onion 22 12 Hours 30 6 Feed Tomato Soup, Broth
Corn 8 24 2 Feed Cornbread, Corn Meal
Sunflower 10 47 11 Feed Sunflower Cookies, Sunflower Bread
Eggplant 12 58 4 Feed
Radish 14 35 3 Feed
Broccoli 16 87 7 Feed
Carrot 18 118 14 Feed
Potato 20 108 10 Feed Potato Salad, Potato Roll
Ginger 22 129 7 Feed Ginger Bread
Blackberry 24 98 8 Feed Blackberry Cream Cake, Blackberry Jam
Cucumber 26 142 15 Feed
Spinach 28 183 10 Feed
Sweet Potato 30 206 13 Feed Sweet Potato Pie


Reach level 5 of the game you now have ability to turn your crops into finished foods, scones, cakes and drinks to mention a few. This is another option recipes inside this kitchen where unlocked levels become available as you play.

Craft Recipe Recipe Equation Sells for: (Coins)
Flour 2 Wheat + 2 Wheat 90
Batter 1 Flour + 2 Eggs 290
Apple Scone 6 Apples + 1 Batter 640
Lemon Water 2 Lemons + 1 Water 150
Lemonade 1 Lemon Water + 4 Lemons 350
Strawberry Lemonade 5 Strawberries + 1 Lemonade 630
Tomato Paste 4 Tomatoes + 4 Tomatoes 120
Broth 2 Water + 6 Onions 420
Tomato Soup 1 Tomato Paste + 1 Broth 700

Memorable Characters – Meeting the Cast of FarmVille 2

The cast of FarmVille 2 and their Biographies

  • Dakota.
  • Ancient Mariner.
  • Heidi.
  • Dr. Vivian.
  • Calvin.
  • Trish.
  • Johnny.
  • Eagle Eye Eddie.
  • Trisha Yearwood

    smartphone game: Trisha Yearwood has been animated into an avatar for the game

  • Kate Hudson also avatar being created for the game
  • Gus – influenced by Brad Pitt and George Clooney

Conclusion For the Virtual Farming with Farmville 2

There are some alternatives to playing virtual farming and Farmville 2 is one game that is a wonderful concept in Virutual Farming experience. I hope this preview was helpful and will give you some ideas to inspire and satisfy that farming desire in you. This game is especially enjoyable with the new 3D technology. I enjoy the seasons of decorations and that they have preserved the social aspect of sharing with others gifts and inviting others to see your farm. I know this will be an enjoyable experience and a game that will provide hours of fun. This game provides portability with smart phone use and tablet so no expensive equipment need for this like PC gaming with system requirements so this makes a good alternative to the serious player who wants an online experience closer to the likeness of virtual farming. I hope this was helpful review this product and share your experiences or further reviews of this game by using the comment form below.

  1. I love that you have specified there doesn’t have to be any social media connection with this game! I am always looking for new games to pass the time and I am especially interested in games like Diner Dash and Roller Coaster Tycoon, they are my guilty pleasures. This looks just as fun!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Kay I do like the idea that FarmVille 2 not a social media game but still has all the great fun of FarmVille type of game guess I am a farm freak but was addicting on Facebook. Well I hope you try it and love it or list it. Thanks for the comment

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