There are many styles ways and methods of organization when arranging for an at home office space converted to accommodate your specific needs for PC Gaming. The PC gaming desk is unique for playing the PC computer games with many options for small spaces, materials, costs and with some forethought the optimal arrangement can be accomplished. There is no need to spend a fortune on a desk. There are some great ideas for getting a desk that will work best for your game playing experience that your can enjoy and be comfortable. So how do your select a good Personal Computer (PC) gaming desk? There are some factors I hope your will be able after reviewing this article you will be able to select a good desk suited for your customized comfort during your gaming experience.

Budgeting for a Desk

Looking for a good price range for the quality your are seeking in a good computer gaming desk does not have to break your budget nor do your need to spend thousands of dollars. If thousands of dollars or money is not an option with this is your budget then there are many great products available for your to chose from with great features to chose from.

There still is quality desk your can get for under one hundred dollars. There are even possible to design with some sweat equity and build a desk with your own material and putting together something custom design.

If you have a modest budget for under three hundred most of the desk manufacturers have good products that have met good ratings for value and longevity.

Ergonomic PC Desk

A desk that is designed comes in adjustable styles to match your best sitting comfort reducing the fatigue while your are spending hours in front of a computer screen. The best adjustment for your feet to be flat on the floor and knees in line with your hips. To ensure the keyboard is close and directly in front of your there are desks designed for keyboard trays that adjustments.

The important adjustment here is to keep the monitor directly in front of your this will help relax your neck and keep your neck in a neutral position. That should be just a few inches above eye level.

A good distance to the screen is no more than arms length to the computer screen.

There are many styles in this category to chose from. There are “L” shaped desks as well as straight desk. Important feature here is adjustability for height even with adjustable chair a good way to provide range of heights your can watch from is the best way to get a good comfort that works for your. Long term experience is what must be considered with encouragement for good posture.

Computer Desks for Small Spaces

Where your desk needs to fit is another consideration. There are desks that fit small spaces also portability where they can be folded and tucked out-of-the-way lending your room space for multipurpose design.

Measuring your space is important so that your can get the right desk for the space. Easy when shopping to think something looks good but forget about detentions of the desk and make sure the layout of the room is conducive to that size so fits otherwise your are using extra time shopping placing your desk in the room only to find don’t fit and has to taken back.

There are many desk designs that can be suitable for small space.

Wall outlets how many and where they are located in your room will be important to how far of a reach or if extension cords will be appropriate for your space. If this doesn’t meet your requirements then another area maybe needed. Better to plan ahead and know how logistically things will layout so that your have adequate power supplies for your peripheral devices.

What Shape of Desk are You Interested in?

There are the standard rectangle shape desk. There are “L” shape desk. These are great for productivity if your wants to have a design for work and play your can have part of your desk function for working. And use the other part of the desk for your setup for playing games. Also, these desks will work for corners so if your need to have corner desk your will need to look to those options.

Here is where having a good vision of the desk your wants to place in your room is important. You need to have a vision for what will work. Then plan your shopping around this concept. More modern designs and give your a good look and function that don’t have to include the standard rectangle.

Irregular shapes are available as well. Sit-stand desk are available as well that can be adjusted to move with your for standing when your like for better comfort from sitting all the time at desk. These can be most helpful if prone for back trouble or fatigue, stress your put on your back from sitting can be refreshing to get some time standing.

There are desks that can be built into the wall and therefore provide shelving space all that your will ever need. Extra space to clear room for that intense game play without those annoying things around that can be knocked over or tangled up in all extra cables.

Materials for Your PC Computer Gaming Desk

There are many material a gaming desk can be made from among them wood, glass, steel and even PVC. A wood desk will tend to be heavier in comparison to other materials. Durability of the desk for a glass surface is made from a tempered or “safety” glass will prevent shatter the surface. Metal and PVC are lighter materials and desks can be moved easier. Portability or ease of cleaning maybe something to consider in the material of your desk and good factor in planning your gaming equipment room.

What Else Goes Into Planning a Good Gaming Desk?

We already established that there is a price, materials size and shape to consider in a design for a desk that can be made above and beyond the normal standard for your exquisite gaming computer. There is desk that can require some assembly. If your are a do-it-yourself your won’t mind some extra work involved but some desk can be complicated to assemble. May wants to scale down your desk plans if your are not good at the assembly or if your just don’t want the aggravation of spending time in the desk Assembly job.

If building your own desk is something that interests your there are good designs and plans that your can follow and I have provided a link to a good resource for the DIY person,

Having access to cables your desk design may wants to consider additional access or even hide away designs to covering up and organizing the cables from monitors to computer and power cables that can otherwise clutter up your desktop.

Storage with all those accesses headsets or controllers and other gaming devices will need some extra storage compartments or drawers for these. Don’t forget planning these things can really add to your desk customization and give your better comfort for gaming. Space for those additional monitors providing great viewing experience want that 3D feel.

How much your desk will need to hold and matching your weight capacity when considering a good desk will be needed in your planning guide.

Can You Put your Desktop Computer on the Floor?

One of the decisions your will need to make before your setup your gaming desk is where do your wants to put the computer on top of the desk or underneath? I like the idea of putting the computer underneath the desk. There are a few of the gaming desk that actually have a space to the right or left of the desk that tower or desktop CPU can be placed to get it of the floor and have it off the desk as well.

  • Factors to Consider making an informed decision.
    • Too much dust or pets have better access to your computer on the floor. Getting too much dirt into the case of the computer will get that dust into vital parts of the computer system including the cooling fans so one factor to consider when deciding where a computer should go.
    • More space on the desk top when your don’t have a big CPU on the desk.
    • You won’t have to stare at the large case sitting on our desk.
    • There is the noise to consider cooling fans can run with some noise your will have that right close to your ear if it is on the desk top.
    • Easy to tip over on top of desk.
    • Also, be kicked down below so maybe easier to not have the computer on the floor provide more leg room.
    • Having your computer on the floor will allow for some more space for the cables.
    • Ventilation is a key element. The CPU case will have holes to vent creating airflow through to the motherboard and processor of your computer keeping it cool and having computer on the desk top will provide much ventilation. On the floor will serve okay if the computer is not on carpet.
    • CPU caddies are helpful for getting a computer off of the floor.
    • Access for the ports of your computer the disk drives and of course power plugin will determine what is most convenient in your setup but will favor a desk top placement if this is a factor.
  • The decision is really up to the user convenience and ease of placing the computer is up to your discretion. There is really no right or wrong a computer can be placed in either positions of floor or desk. As long as the consideration for ventilation and some key factors are understood and your have easy access for cleaning your computer the computer will be fine no matter how your decide to answer this dilemma for your setup needs.

In Conclusion

We have examined there are many factors to consider in planning and organizing your space or separate room for your gaming pleasure. The cost, the size and shape, the place your put your computer on the desk top or underneath the desk, the materials and even some storage and assembly discussed here will guide your in making an informed decision and give your some good ideas to plan for. While any desk will do, the joy of designing a complete customized and highly specialized desk to handle the special need and provide exquisite comfort to your PC gaming experience. I hope that the guideline outline in this article will help guide your to making your plans for a great desk. I hope your find this useful. Look forward to hearing your comments on this article use the form below for feedback.


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