Happy New Year!

 This is a New Year and with that year brings new excitement for the farm simulation game enthusiast. It is all about upgrades, so don’t miss out on having something new to bring to your farming simulator experience. New-year-photo-pcgamersparadiseChanging the look of your gaming experience with a new mod for Farming Simulator 19: shaping the way your game is played. There is something great about coming into the New Year and looking forward to seeing what new and innovated solutions others have come up with for their farm simulation games. I am highlighting some mods I have found for this year as I too am I learning and exploring some upgrades that can be implemented to make this a great new year on the farm.farm-image

I hope that you will share some favorite mods that you have installed and what things you like about them. Nothing that improves the excitement of the game when there are some new equipment or tools to work with on the farm. I have been overwhelmed by the development when visit the websites of these mods and with this new year I am happy to be off and running on some new ideas. Like to hear more from those who have more experience with virtual farming about what things were helpful and what are the pitfalls to installing these mods. So far I have encountered some potential viruses being downloaded when I try to download the mods. Perhaps I am not alone in this? I appreciate all the feedback you can offer so please let me know what works for you and provide some favorite mods for your game. Maybe you have a New Years resolution about your game this year that you can share. I know this farmer is not getting as much time as I should devoted to this gaming experience. How are you doing fellow farmers?

Here are some picks for mods that I came up with to start this year off.

Renault Lander 4×2 Snow Mod

renault-mod-pcgamersparadiseFS19_Renault_Lander_4x2.zip – 9.4″>

Download from this link for the zip file needed to install this mod.

The Renault Lander 4.2 available in PC version with multitude of options, the snow removal version and TP and landscaping versions available as well.

From the land of snow I can appreciate the seasons with winter snow removal is key to my farming realality.

HITACHI ZAXIS 290 LCN-5 v1.0 Mod


Download from this link for the zip file needed to install this mod.

Pelleteuse Hitachi Zaxis 290 LCN-5

This been useful in forestery for those who have that in their farm.

The Delta Beta Map


Download from this link for the zip file needed to install this mod.

This one is not getting the greatest of reviews simple put not the best out there and some problems like having the Cooperative in the middle of field with nothing surrounding it having problems with this map so for now this may not be the best pick for mods in the list.

Vaederstad Rapid A600-800S Tramline Edition v1.0.0.1 Mod


Download from this link for the zip file needed to install this mod.

The Swedish manufacturer Vaderstad comes this pneumatic seed drill Rapid A600S and A800S. Rapid is a seed drill that performs preparation for a seedbed by leveling, drilling and re consolidation in one pass. Fertilization can also be carried out if you choose.

How is this working for some one who uses seeding is this live up to the performance that this description gives to this seed drill or is it all hype?  Love to know your experiences.

Peasantville 4xv1.0 Map


Download from this link for the zip file needed to install this mod.

Four empty parcels of land equally sized in middle of the map to have all 4 start farms in the same location. 59 files high detail with some areas complete with some not season ready elements to it yet coming out in 3 parts 4x, 8x and 16x maps.

Mustard Production v1.0.0.0 Mod


Download from this link to access the zip file needed to install this mod.

Mustard Production v1.0.0.0 mod will require you to have manure, water, and empty pallets or cartons to produce mustard and the script “Global Company in you mod folder.

This is more curiosity than anything installing this and puting this into production.  Any one have some experience with this mod they can share?

What Do We Have In Common? A New Year with New Equipment

. Once again we come to the end of this segment for this New Year and what is the elements of this game do we have in common? That is what I would like you to tell me. What is the most exciting new mod that you found and are using in Farming Simulator 2019? What is the platform that you are using for your Farming Simulator gaming experience? Please pass on any words of wisdom to this novice farmer. I have only given a tertiary look at these mods and for me the technology is a lot to take in. What I would like to know is how the most important mods are helping you in the game. Top 10 picks that you have used. I hope that you use the comments below to reply to this website and allow me to interact with you on this new year for new friends and new experiences on this the virtual farmer.

Looks like I really have picked a few mods with some problems so in my learning experience trying to find good things to use become a challenge since I am new to this gaming experiences so what can be learned from others is vital to my growth as a good farmer.  All the more appreciative to the feedback and examples I get from users who are more experience than I.  I look forward to making improvements in this farming experience and I can’t wait to learn more from those faithful game experts who can help me out as I looke to expand my horizans and learn more technology and gain more play time experience to build on this already place for farming.

Thanks for your input and suggestions.

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