Product: Logitech G Farm Simulator Heavy Equipment Bundle (2nd Generation), Steering Wheel Controller for Farm Simulation 19, Wheel, Pedals, Vehicle Side Panel Control Deck for PC/PS4

Price: $249.99 (retail)

Best Price to Buy:

Item Model number: 945-000063

Item Weight: 7.8 Pounds

Package Dimensions: 21.2 x 16.2 x 15.4 inches

System Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, MAC OSX 10.10, 1-USB 2.0

Port Game Compatibility: Works with most major farm simulation software and games

Product Contents: Heavy equipment wheel with 6.6ft/2m USB connector cable, Gas and brake pedal set with 6ft/1.8m USB connector cable, Side Panel Control Deck with 6.6ft/2m USB connector cable

My Rating: 2 of 5

The Heavy Equipment Bundle Overview

This is a controller that has a look and feel for enhancing the experience for virtual simulation farming. I started my farming experience using mobile versions of the software on smartphone and really does not to the justice that a full screen monitor can to. Starting in computer simulation software I can say that the keyboard manipulation of controls is not where it is at either. That why I’m glad that Logitech now Saitek has come up with a bundled package of this game controller that provides all you would need to operate all the machines and equipment in the Farm Simulation game put out by Giants Software.

My assessment that was given earlier on another article highlights the features of this controller from the manufacturer. The main highlight here is the for the realistic feel to have steering wheel most resembling a tractor type and those pedals for the clutch workings of a realistic gear shifting enhanced simulation tool.

Complete Farm Management

  • Getting Closer to Reality – A customized hardware that adds to the thrill of cultivating land, nurturing livestock, and selling goods to make your farm a rewarding venture.
  • Go For a Spin – steering wheel with a 900 Degrees of Rotation.
    • This is an ideal wheel for the virtual simulator farming experience with a feel of actual farming equipment, the PC steering wheel turns two and a half times from lock to lock. The adjustable tilt of the wheel is especially designed for that farm reality experience.
  • Get a Grip– Having a turn knob gives you one extra hand free operation for those controls that “Vehicle Side Panel”
    • Center sprung steering wheel simple meaning behavior that acts more like real steering where comes back to center when you release the wheel.
  • Enjoy Your Farms Natural Feeling Atmosphere – There comes a time in your game that will need additional buttons and sticks and as you can see as illustrated on right there are a plethora of controls on this device.
    • Twin analog sticks, each with a push-down button, allow you to control your camera angles or for getting your character navigating through the farm land.
    • The 4-way hat switches near each stick provide eight more buttons at your fingertips.
    • Two ergonomic, trigger-like buttons reside on the back. All programmable from within the game.
  • Stop and Go – A set of pedals with angular travel is set to 20 degrees, which connect to the wheel via a six feet cable (1.8m). This means one USB port is necessary to connect this system together to your computer.
  • Managing Forestry- The New Economic Branch with the all-Axes Loader Control Side Panel Device
    • Mod-friendly with 25+ Programmable Buttons
    • The best experience to manage this new economic branch: Forestry. The experience truly adds value with this controller and with a programmable in-game device gives 25 plus programmable buttons and mod-friendly this multiple all axes’ loader control you will surely be a professional working those forest within your virtual farming game.
    • Top notched crane control. Joystick with button access to close the claw on crane while using the all-axes loader control.
    • Autopilot will make your game more enjoyable and simplify getting things done on your farm with speeding up production or pacing the productions while concentrating on other things.

Drawback to the Steering wheel Reflects on the Bundle Value

The bundle package of the steering wheel and the pedals are what make this product unfortunately not rating high on the quality and therefore making this product not the best product that can be purchased.

Begin with is the steering wheel which has the 900 degree turning when used on the program for turning around a tractor at the end of a row and finding the right buttons for this function are difficult to find and use these which are not found on real tractor experience.

Pedals are suited for the simulation games having a plastic feel to them but functional for the purpose of the game. After all you don’t want racing pedals for a tractor simulation but you to expect that some wear and tear normal use and even some abuse when get excited may bring this package into jeopardy for lasting through the years.

The side panel has longevity but feels like a device where the buttons are about to fall off. The consensus on the drawback here is the programming buttons within the program requires some difficulty setting up before playing or during playing and having these programmed for your equipment used in the game. Device being recognized by the program is something that also makes it unpredictable.

The drawbacks don’t necessarily disqualify this from being an OK buy for the consumer. There is a two-year warranty on the product and so if there are problems there is some recourse that you can take to keeping this a viable product to invest in with some sense of a peace of mind. Recommendation are to take a protection warranty of three years on the product just to go the distance if you are planning long term use.

Steering Wheel Is Proven Good Alternative To Bundled Wheel

One might consider another steering wheel product put out by the same manufacture: Logitech Dual-motor Feedback Driving Force G29 Gaming Racing Wheel with Responsive PedalsItem Dimensions L x W x H

Price: $218.96 (retail)

Best Price at Amazon:

Built to last: Durable solid steel ball bearings, stainless steel shifter and pedals and hand stitched leather wheel grip

Series: 941-000110

Item Model Number: 941-000110

Hardware Platform: PC

Item Weight: 4.96 pounds

Product Dimensions 10.2 x 10.9 x 10.6 inches

My Rating: 4 out of 5

The Features of the Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel

The most notable here is the leather used on the steering wheel to simulate as much as possible the real racing wheel feel and look. A quality product built to withstand the wear and tear of repeated use.

The pedals are decent quality of design.

Steering that offers “force feedback” or simply the way the steering wheel mechanical gears and structure should respond to the program by reacting to the driving situation. Classic example is the vibration should feel when go over a bump or shock you feel in the steering wheel. The G29 Racing wheel has a good force feedback.

The bright colored buttons can be a draw back to the design of this steering wheel.

This controller offers a good quality replacement for the steering wheel with the logitech bundle for the farm simulation games. However, a difference in style for a tractor realism and a racing car to have different look and feel to them. This alternative is being offered here as a viable solution to making up for the shortfalls. The experience with your bundled package isn’t making the grade in quality I would not be surprised based on the experiences of this product but also there are some good features of the product and therefore has merit and mention here as still a product worth the investment just the disappointment that not the outstanding product that comes with the product. Nevertheless, the G29 steering wheel does provide a quality alternative so be aware of the alternatives and I am make some selections only convinced on the better options for the money is closer to the product Heavy Equipment Bundle.

This steering wheel comes with paddle shifters on each side of the steering wheel which are constructed of steel paddle levers giving this steering wheel an adequate real-like feel to the shifting experience. The gear shifting by more traditional method can be accomplished with these products stick shifter.

The steel pedals make this steering wheel package a solid performer. A good customer tip is to make sure the cables on the pedals don’t get crunched up in the back of the pedals.

A great steering wheel for a force feedback just that not as smooth as the alternative belt-driven as other steering wheels but will fill the bill if you are looking for a higher quality steering wheel over the Logitech G Heavy Equipment Bundle steering wheel and pedals. I provide this as a good alternative and not an exhaustive list here for steering wheels. Since we are providing solutions for some troubles that came up in some products I felt dedicating some time to an alternative choice was a good idea.

It’s Conclusive that the Logitech G Heavy Equipment Bundle Has Some Problems but Still Valued by Simulation Farmers

While the side panel is the best choice for the Farming simulation gaming experience for those incredible all-axel movements of the joystick for crane operations and other equipment functions where the joystick controls are more than adequate, in spite some less than desired feel product is still holds up to the longevity for users and is recommended here.

There is still a notable downfall in the pedals and the steering wheel that makes some questions in the minds of consumers as to a real value for the money. There have presented here a good solution first of all to purchase the extra protection warranty through Amazon as a peace of mind insurance policy for breakdowns in the future. Or another possible workaround to the problem is to buy only the side panel and purchase the G29 Racing wheel for quality that it provides and durability that consumers and especially those dedicated farm gamer that want to enjoy the experience without worrying about breakdowns in their controllers.

I hope you find this review helpful. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences and reviews of this product please leave a comment or if have any questions please share them as well.

    • I’m glad I found introduce you to the world of heavy machinery might also like some other simulator games with truck driving or backhoes, fork lifts amazing things and the graphics are improving so get more sense of realism. Thanks for the comment and hope this will inspire your gaming experience.

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