Is your computer working at optimal performance level? Are you having trouble with playing games that lag or just not experiencing what you would like to see perhaps there are some things that you can do to get back that awesome playing condition again.

Playing games does require a certain minimum system requirements and every gaming manufacturer but even then your computer may not be performing the way you would like to see it. You maybe frustrated by problems that plaque your system. A computer is a complex piece of technology that every once in a while may need to be fine-tuned to peak optimal performance. There is good news there are some things that you can do to provide a better experience for your computer. There is some basic things to do that you can do even if your expertise is not technical at high level with your computer system.

What is up with your Hardware?

If you have built your computer and know very well what hardware you selected or have one that was purchased though the specialty store or Department stores shelves you can evaluate your computer hardware and determine what your system configuration is from hardware, the memory or RAM, your graphics card, CPU other devices within your computer configuration.

There are some good software products that help in this area. Belarc Adviser will run on your computer and provide information on hardware configuration, keeping security also in mind by using this in web page not uploading this information to a server provides just local information.

There is a quick guide to making sure you can run a certain game specifically on your computer. I like and have used provided by System Requirments Lab their program Can You Run It. Quick way to see all the game that will run on your computer and don’t have to analyze your computer yourself very nice tool and provides all the information on system requirements you need to know.

Some Good Tips that are Specific for Windows 10

  • Game Mode in /windows 10 can be found by pressing Windows key + I, type game mode then click Control Game Mode for optimizing your PC for games. On the Gaming screen, click Game Mode. Switch to On to take advantage of Game Mode. This puts your computer windows operating system in the best optimization for playing games. Set into the operating system for the latest development for Windows 10.
  • Autoupdate needs to be turned off. While gaming, you may discover that Windows 10 will update and restart without warning and if you are playing a game you don’t want updates to be done. There is a way to turn this off in Windows 10. Select Windows key + I > Update and security > Windows Update > Advanced options > Update Options.Disable Automatically download updates, even over metered data connections (charges may apply). In the Main Windows Update screen be sure to change the “Active Hours” setting so that while you are on your computer working or playing games you won’t get updates for these hours your computer remains busy.
  • Visual Effects Graphic User Interface (GUI) by default Windows are set to quality setting that best for visual usage. To change to let Windows select for best performance allows no conflicts will reside while gaming. To change press Windows key + I and type performance, then select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows > Adjust for best performance > Apply > OK.
  • There is an algorithm that is used for making internet run more smoothly by bundles packets on internet used to develop TCP/IP networks reduce the number of packets over the internet. The designer was John Nagle called the Nagle Algorithm.
    • In the search box type ‘REGEDIT’ and press Enter for opening the Windows Registry Editor• Then, in the left pane, expand through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to achieve the following key• SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces

      May be found in a string Value, named ‘IPAddress’ or ‘DhcpIPAddress’.

    • In the empty space right-click, and select New for creating two DWORD Values
      • And rename these values as ‘TcpAckFrequency’ (sending out packets immediately)
      • and ‘TCPNoDelay’ (Disabling Nagle-Algorithm)
      • Next, double click both the entries for Modifying
      • And to activate them put 1 as their Value data > click OK for saving the changes
      • Close Registry Editor, and Reboot your Computer
  • Direct X12 is application that Microsoft developed for Application Programming Interface (API) that talk to the hardware specifically the Graphics interface and audio for playing video on the Windows interface, To check for the latest version running on your computer type Windows key + R > type dxdiag > OK provide window displaying what version of software.
  • Power Plan for you Desktop computer is another important setting within Windows 10. Setting the correct power plan setting will get the best performance without sacrificing higher energy consumption or temperature levels. To do this press the Windows key + I > type power > Power and sleep settings > Additional power settings. Select if have the High Performance Plan or Create a New Plan to configure a new plan.
  • Using Steam for gaming often installed to use in gaming version and occasions the new revisions don’t run smooth in the game you are playing requiring going back to previous version.
    • Follow these steps: Open Steam >Right-click the game>Choose Properties>Choose Betas tab>Opt-in to a specific version using the drop-down menu.

Some Good Free Software For Optimizing Gaming PC.

The following are some good software suggestions which are free that will assist in either helping optimize your computer or enhance your gaming experience.

  1. Steam:
    1. Software for digital media providing Application Programming Interface Steamworks allows users to update gaming software, social media services, matchmaking services putting those together, automatic updates for gaming software, and provides in the cloud saving game progress. A must for gaming.
    2. Down Load here.
  2. LogMeln Hamahi:
    1. Multiplayer secure virtual network software free that provides secure connections between networks when necessary for multiplayer need Virutual Private Network (VPN) one of the easiest to use.
    2. Down Load Here.
  3. lolo System Mechanics Pc
    1. works to clean up your computer with all those files and application files don’t use or need.
    2. Details about lolo here.
  4. IObit Advanced SystemCare
    1. IObit is an excellent clean up tool for optimizing a PC with a good interface that will not be difficult for even the technically inclined be able to use.
    2. This was found to have bugs and upon further review not as good as some others listed here.  This author is not recommending as highly.
    3. Down Load Here.
  5. Piriform CCleaner
    1. one that cleans sluggish performing PC like no other tool and gets what others don’t in the process.
  6. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019
    1. file cleanup and registry repair.
  7. Junkware Removal Tool.
    1. Security utility that removes adware toolbars and potentially unwanted programs (PUP)
    2. No updates since 2017 since this will still work to remove adware advised use ADWCleaner.
    3. Information and download.
  8. Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 7.4.
    1. feature that is new this tool will remove reinstalled software that the hardware developer benefits from getting revenue from this software bring down cost.
    2. Common name for software is “Bloatware” slow your computer and cause general nuisance.
    3. Information and download.

Hardware Upgrading Maybe the Best Option But What Do I Need?

Memory is Important.

  1. 4GB is the baseline double that to 8GB will find improvement and heavy use 16GB is a good upgrade.
  2. overclocking is another option.
  3. Software help with Overclocking:
    1. MSI Afterburner
    2. EVGA Precision X
    3. AMD Overdrive
    4. Intel XTU
    5. SetFSB
    6. NVIDIA Inspector

Upgrading the Solid State Drive (SSD)

  1. becoming more affordable can improve the performance for you computer.
  2. Disadvantages there still maybe problems if primary operating system hard drive operates on HDD.

Upgrading Graphics Card

  1. use multiple if identical to boost your systems performance.
  2. Use Nvidia SLI or AMD Crossfire

The Final Thoughts About Your Computer Gaming Optimization Plan

The best of computers even those new machines right out of the box will need some work to get them optimized for peak efficiency and performance for those very resource intensive computer games. There are some great resources and time and space could not do justice for all that can be said on this topic. I hope you will check out some software suggestions made here. I hope that your gaming experience will be the best you have had.

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  1. Your article has been really informative. I am not much of a gamer on the technical side but I do understand the lagging issue and it can be frustrating. I hear the boys freaking out all the time because of their devices not being on point. This is definitely going to help with that. Thank you.

  2. Great tips for improving latency or lagging on your laptop or PC used for gaming . A few of the software applications you mentioned I already use on my laptop like the CC Cleaner and Ashampoo. The IObit Advanced SystemCare not so much I found it to have worms and bugs .it actually slows down the computer.ADW Cleaner and Junk Remover Tool seem to work better.They can be found Malwarebytes and Bleeping websites.Thanks for the share and have a nice day .

    • Very helpful reply I was able to make some adjustments on the website with your information and add the ADW Cleaner and Junk remover tool Malwarebyte is what I am familiar with and use so I checked out those and was able to put these on my recommendation so thanks for the feedback.

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I really appreciate how in depth you go & that you provide links for the software so I don’t have to go searching for it. This is really a one-stop for what you need to know! Thanks for the great info!

  4. The ‘Can You Run It’ program sounds perfect for me. My sons are into gaming. This will be a useful program to use when they want to try new games on the computer and I have no idea whether my computer will support them or not. Thank you for this informative article.

    • The “Can You Run it” was really helpful to me you don’t have to try to figure out if your system meets requirements or not just run the software and you know exactly where you will stand before you even buy then and find can’t run them on your computer. I found this very user friendly so don’t have to be a tech guru to figure it out. I hope helps your boys with their next gaming adventure and you can let me know what that is and maybe I can feature that game with their review. Always good to get some input on what is good or not in gaming.

  5. Informative post!
    I like how you included free software for optimizing gaming and I did not realize that there are so many different options.
    You really provided a ton of helpful information here. I have had computers where there was significant lagging before when I used to play more computer games.
    If I run into any lagging problems with my computer, I will return to your site to get helpful tips.
    Thanks for all the useful information!

    • HI Jesse Lee, I thought some free stuff would be great since there are those software programs that offer some good tools so thanks for checking them out. I hope solves some of your computer problems.

  6. This article is very useful and informative! Thanks for sharing links to free products, it’s also very valuable. I am not much of a gamer, but I still need some of the instruments to help my laptop run faster, so I’ll make sure to try the software you provided here) Thank you!)

    • I am glad you found something here that is useful for your computer problems. Just perfect for those who don’t play games but still run into problems so I’m glad even though you don’t do games and that is okay I am glad I can appeal to the non gaming audience so thanks for checking this site out.

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