Sometimes during gaming sessions you need to care for the most important part or the game: your body. Good equipment that is ergodynamic designed and fits you body type for comfort will help you to do this and since you are going to spend a lot of time immersed in an intense gaming experience enclosed in this article are some helpful ideas and especially some good advice on the best of all equipment is the gaming chair. There are many reviews out there for the best gaming chairs. What most have in common is the big companies that back the reviews so bias in reporting these could come into play. So what I would like to do is sort out the data and give you some helpful pointers to improve the way you sit in a chair, you proper posture make a difference. Good health can make a good experience to improve you attention making better to experience the best while playing those games. Wading through the many gaming chairs and find a good suggested chair.

Gaming Chair Historical Background

A gaming chair is most like an office chair yet designed in a more ergonomic fit to be comfortable for those long hours while playing video games. The early gaming phenomena in games like “Need for Speed” would use racing car motifs and drivers need the look and feel of simulated sporty race car driving. Unlike an office chair these seats have higher backrest on them. Wider more flared sides with more padding in the side of seats and inward slanting backrests yielding sportier look and feel.

Companies like DXRacer about 2006 designed race car seats began making the gaming chairs. Higher backrest help support the back and shoulders giving comfort to its occupants. Need for Seat was a company that come later developing on the market further. Having a chair that won’t force you down but rather keep you pulled upright reduces the stress that make you feel uncomfortable sitting in the same position.

As eSports expanded so the gaming-chair market continues to increase demand. Thomas Klien CEO of Need for Seat has become the official gaming chair partner for Microsoft designing the maxinomic brand.

The first real leather chair was developed in Germany. Alexander Müller, managing director of SK Gaming brand Noble Chairs. Taking designs to higher stylish level less like a young person game chair to a more sophisticated look of the executive office chair for capturing the more elegant higher quality of business class.

What Makes a Good Gaming Chair Even Better

What defines the elements for a great gaming chair. I will dissect the anatomy of a good chair and ones that make a great gaming chair.

The Anatomy of a Good Gaming Chair.

An important concept here for not just good chairs but what makes something even better without breaking you budget. A good value for a chair does not mean spending a fortune. But here are the components to consider in looking for a gaming chair making a good chair a great buy that fits you purpose and body type.


High priority for a gaming chair has to be the comfort ability for those long hours spent in front of the screen playing those video games.

The Best Fit with Game Setup

Wide variety of game systems so make sure that you’re gaming chair likewise works with you specific needs. PC gamer differ from their console gamer for height of system and viewing screens so be mindful of this when looking at a good gaming chair.

Space Saving

If you space is premium you don’t have a lot of real estate in you work area be sure the chair will fit well in that space. Dimensions pay close attention to here so the chair isn’t going to outgrown for the location in you home.

Overlapping Features

Some chairs will have speaker systems with excellent sub woofers and surround sound that if you already are equipped with these devices on you computer systems there is no need for overlapping technology here and getting a chair without those features will be a wise investment strategy.

Bells and Whistles

Some chairs have features like headrest speakers, rumble functions, Bluetooth and headset inputs all of wonderful quality to add to the experience you get within the chair but don’t sacrifice the comfort for the bells and whistles.

Materials for Longevity

What goes into the building of the chair is important and the manufacturer should provide the specific materials for the padding, seat covers and all other materials. Quality is something built to last thought the stresses of regular usage this should be adequate material quality to last a long time.


Adjustable armrests can help in prevention of stress on the shoulders. Maintaining and keeping good posture at the computer will also help illuminate problems with neck pains. Keeping wrists level with work station or desktops are important for preventing those repetitive motion problems that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome over time. Armrest and properly adjusted one at that will go a long way in keeping good posture for those long hours of video playing time.

Why Do I Need a Good Gaming Chair?

Comfort can not be stressed enough since bad posture lead to not only discomfort but increase in long term disabilities within the spin and neck. These ideas suggested here are the important key advantage to using a gaming chair.

Exciting Gaming Sessions.

Many great features integrated speakers, built-in vibration even swivel design to allow swift motions without the strain or getting up from the seat. Comfortable seating will make better gaming sessions and improvement with game skills.

All About Posture.

Better support on spine and keeping the back straight these body-contouring support designs will improve posture thus making less pain while playing. In time enjoy improved health.

Neck Pains?

Prolonged sitting increases the risk of cervical spondylosis, neck pain, and other aches affecting the upper back. Gaming chairs will help prevent these neck stiffness or other neck issues. Recommendation is to have a chair with a good headrest or even a removable pillow.

Improved Cardiovascular Function.

A good cardiovascular function starts with a healthy blood flow, a gaming chair will provide the support that will in turn promote healthy blood flow through the body.

Ease of Storage.

Living in an apartment, mobile home or small house or anywhere you need to make the most of small spaces you will appreciate what features both in fold-up or just being more of a compact design, the gaming chair can take up less space than a regular office chair. Compact dimensions can effortlessly store away these chairs for when ready to use them again.

Cleanup and Maintenance

Compared to a traditional office chair, gaming chairs are much easier to clean. The material faux leather or fabric clean-up is quick and easier than you would think. Low maintenance product that has years of life to it.

Proper posture for sitting in an Office Chair

In order to identify what is proper posture lets first decide what is improper poster for sitting in a chair and then we can better understand what needs to be corrected.

Analyze you seating position can you answer yes to any of these questions if so you are demonstrating poor posture for sitting in a chair:

1). Do you slump forward while you sit in you office chair?

2). Do you use or have good lumbar support for you back?

3). Do you sit forward on the seat in the chair or even sliding forward on your chair?

Good posture provides better self-confidence; it can boost you mood. Being mindful of good posture throughout you day. If reducing pain, improving physical health is important I hope you benefit from this discussion on how to sit properly at you’re gaming stations or computer desk.

The guidelines from the Spine-Health:

Keeping you back against the back of the office chair will prevent leaning forward and creating slouching when tired. Keep

you hips far back in the chair.

Back of the chair should be at a 100 to 110 degree angles of decline.

Controllers and keyboard need to be close and directly in front of you.

Proper back support this follows the ergonomically design giving chair a good custom fit.

Feet need to be flat on the floor with knees being slightly lower with you hips. A foot rest is also recommended if you feet don’t sit flat on the floor.

Relaxing the shoulders and don’t scrunch you shoulder or rounding forward during your gaming experience time.

The computer monitor needs to be directly in front and few inches above eye level so head is looking straight on the monitor not up or down which can cause neck to tense up this will assure be in a neutral position.

Exercises For Improving Better Health and Gaming Experience

Since our bodies were not designed for the sedentary lifestyle within the chair or at a desk, Your body needs movement to improve our daily health. There are exercises that can help improve energy levels and get blood flowing. Breaks are important to walk away from you computer engagements.

There are much health recommendation and studies that reinforce that at least every hour of sitting time you should get up and move with some studies recommending every 30 minutes. This can be as simple as taking walks help engage the muscles of the back and strengthen back. Those power walks as some call them just putting in as much of an hour of working out in you walking time even squats or other stretching exercises can be helpful. The Medical Journal of Epidemiology suggests just 30 minutes of exercise can counteract a whole day of sitting.

For those time of stiffness or tension something as simple as a foam roller under you back can massage the back and relax muscles.

Protecting Your EyeSight

Studies from the University of Toledo have warned about the effects of blue lighting emitted from computer devices. This blue light can cause the retina in you eyes turning certain molecules into “cell killers” this process leads to incurable macular degeneration leads to blindness.

Viewing computer screen for prolonged periods of time is the culprit then the solution is found in having good eye glasses that filter blue lighting. Here is a good resource for reviews on these types of glasses.

What Have We Learned Here Today?

The bottom line here is to have fun but please take care of you health. Sitting for prolonged hours at gaming consoles or at you desk in front of those monitor screens playing video gaming can have effects on you long term health and short term muscle fatigue with discomfort in the time you spend playing. I hope that this dialog will be helpful. The purpose was not an exhaustive list or to discourage the use playing video games but rather to make us all aware of the health issues related to long term computer use.

I am encouraged by the help here and I hope you will find useful and perhaps warrant further research on the internet to seek more resources and get answers to even more ways you can better improve you posture when sitting. I hope you check out resources there are good studies that can’t be referenced here. Above all make you’re gaming experience more productive because you took the time to practice good posture while playing making this a more enjoyable time, less long term problems with good muscle tone for playing. For those who were unaware of the dangers with blue lighting to be sure to check out resources for getting these eye protections on line to keep. you safe from long term destruction of you eyes.

Thank you for reading the content on this latest article and I hope that you will enjoy you gaming experience with all the greatest of technology to make this the best experience you can make it knowing that you are doing something good for you health as well. Happy Gaming.

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