Remembrance: Finding the Joy in a Celebration of Christmas on the Farm

What do you think of when you think of Christmas. There are some phases that come to mind here. Christmas is sleigh rides. Christmas is carols song for delight of their listeners, a sip of apple cider or hot chocolate to warm you in the snow. Christmas is sleigh bells. Christmas is caring. Christmas is memories the kind you always keep. Celebrating a Christmas to remember There is nothing like the warmth of a fireplace on a cold winter night. That cup of hot chocolate sipping by the yule log and listening to carols on the radio.

The most wonderful time of the year when the landscape turns to white. Look out on those fields now dormant from their days of growing crops to the days when now the winter blanket of snow covers everything. A fresh layer of white makes up the scenery now. Those memories of Christmas present and those long past. Memories that were created the smells of holiday cookies in the oven. Family gathered all around the dining room table. The gifts that were opened on Christmas morning.

“Christmas is Christmas whever you are; The season will find you no matter how far; The spirit of love is down deep in your heart; And Christmas is Christmas wherever you are. [Wayne Haun, Joel Linsey,Shelby Haun, “Christmas is Christmas” 2008 Bridge Building Music (BMI) Hefton Hill Music, PsalmSinger Music (BMI)

I have to say there is nothing quite like starting out with this segment of my remembrance for Christmas holiday. Well Christmas with Farm Simulator is no exception. Decorations for the holidays can be a part of your farming experience. I am going to explain just how you can get ready in your virtual farming community with farming mods for Farm Simulator 19.

What is Farming Simulator 2019 mods?

Farming Simulator has modifications or a mod where a player will alter the looks or behavior of a video game. These changes can come by small adjust mental tweaks or a completely new game designed into the original game.

Farming Simulator 2019 is the opportunity for gamers to reach new heights with their gaming experience perfecting if that is possible to do is create even better game by these mods. FS19 mods are completely free.

All about improving on the gaming experience. Farming after all can be difficult thing to do. But with the use of mods can help simplify your gaming experience and improve your efficiency and productivity by overcoming obstacle more quickly and easily.

The place able object mods help you personalize the farm with an extra file that can add some Christmas decoration to your farm. Control place able object mods are adaptable for your personal needs.

Free Downloads for the Placeable Christmas Tree for Farming Simulator 2019Placeable-Christmas-Tree

Docorations for the farm have been created through this place able object mod.

This is a Spurce Tree with Christmas lights which work both day and night. It is place able on the map.

If you like to raise these trees and cut them down for sale or use elsewhere on your farm this Christmas Tree mod can be cut and even sold. The tree to be harvested must be cut at the trunk.

Steps to Download the Placeable Chrsitmas Tree Mod File:

  1. Download the Mod File click on the Christmas Tree image and the link to the download site will be displayed. Have one of three type of downloaded files.
    1. .EXE these are executable files and don’t require special attention just click on the file and install itself.
    2. .RAR compressed files. Containing folders and files in compressed format making the download easier and quicker in one package containing all file necessary for installation. These file will need to be extracted. Need the WinRAR program to open these files.
    3. .ZIP compressed files. You will need to extract these files and .exe files except for the zip file that needed that contains the mod itself and will need to be copied into the mods folder of the game.
  2. Paste the Mod File into file location where your game was installed Example MyDocuments\MyGames\FarmingSimulator19\Mods
    1. Windows 10: User\MyGames\FarmingSimulator19\Mods
    2. Vista: Documents\MyGames\FarmingSimulator2019\Mods
    3. Mac OS X: don’t unpack the ZIP file but copy into /Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2019/mods
    4. App Store Version ~/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2019/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2019/mods
  3. Enter the Game, press “P” then “>” press.
  4. Purchase the mods.

Successful mod install now enjoy playing the game with your new features to give you hours of productive achievements to your farming community and build that successful farm that will be the envy of all your friends.

How to Create Mods in Farming Simulator 2019

If you want to try your hand at developing your own modification for Farming Simulator 2019 there is a wonderful book available for this that will explain the basics of this process. There is some programming that you will need to learn. But in this booklet will provide examples of coding that will accomplish what you want to create.

There is a satisfying and rewarding accomplishment when you get to create something customize your game and then be able to share that with others. The modding community within Farming Simulator 19 is just such a resource. So for those who just wanted to know how to do these and are curious this is a free booklet just click on the image and link to the download page.

This publication is not a comprehensive but focused approach to getting you started on the technical and artistic sides of the process. This is designed to cover what is necessary for an individual to learn all the process of creating a mod. Sometime different skill sets can be managed through a team effort creating a better result when each person of the team contributes their strength on a particular aspect of the process of the mod. This book can serve as a resource kind for both of these interests.

Great resources are mentioned in this book.

  • The place of the GIANTS editor used for making mods as describe by the book
    • The GIANTS Developer Network (GDN) — locatedat — is the “Home of the GIANTS Engine.”
    • GIANTS Software, the official company website www.giants-software.
  • Modhub ( repository for Farming Simulator Mods
  • Video Tutorials ( videoTutorials.php)
  • Free sounds to add that extra touch to your mods. ( videoTutorials.php)

These are just a few of the resources mentioned in this book. Helps for adding textures to make your mods more real. There is the full-featured application programming interface (API) for its game engine that’s accessible via the Lua scripting language with provided resources on learning this language and scripting designs and constructs examples here in this book.

This will indeed add many hours of enjoyment customizing the farm of your choice. Having others to share in this experience with you will make it even that much better. A whole new world of possibility. Creativity can take you to heights never would have imagined. Check this out and happy farming.


 Some Final Thoughts for Enjoying the Season with Mods for Farming Simulator 2019

Just like the fun in Farmville having decorations to enhance the farm there is a way to experience some festive holiday decorations with a Chrsitmas Tree Placeable object Mod. There are so many ways to make improvements in this Farming Simulator game that hard to believe that these are all free. Even if you don’t find what you are looking for I hope that you will try building one yourself. The guidebook to programming and designing a mod will inspire you to climb to new heights for your farming experience. Christmas trees are just a part of the many new things that can be added to enjoy on the virtual farm. I hope that there is something that you found helpful in this article to put you in the holiday mood or to inspire you and perhaps you team of friends to develop something new and exciting on your own. Happy farming. Leave a comment below if you have a thought or question on this subject. Perhaps you tried something and would like to share the experience. Please feel free to review any item on this article and comment on this as well, I will welcome your feedback.

  1. Great article. I currently have Farming Simulator 17 and was looking to upgrade to 19. Maybe even 20 when it comes out (if it hasn’t already.) I love Christmas. I have since I was a little kid.

    I am from Florida though so the snow isn’t my thing. But for the game, just as in having a real farm, you would want a way to continue to make money, especially when the cold could prevent you from planting anything else.

    A placeable Christmas tree would not only get you in the Holiday Spirit, But It would also help bring in additional income which is always nice in the game.

    I wonder if there is one for the 17 Version? I have to go check it out. Thanks for the good read!

    • To answer your question yes there is a placeable object Christmas tree for the 17 version if fact there is a package with a semi truck with a Christmas theme to it which they didn’t seem to have for 19. Glad to hear from someone who is farming mixed reviews on 19 for those in 17 seems just not enough for some to make the buy to 19. Farm 20 is available in preorder on mobile devices but far know not available yet.

  2. Wow Dan. I did not know anything about this game before I read this, so I find it interesting to learn about the Christmas package.
    Your article was well informed and had a lot of great information on this version of the farming simulator.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m not familiar with this game, but the article informed me very well regarding the Christmas expansion. It must be fun playing this game Dan. I would like to know more about farming simulator.

    • Have to say gets addicting for some others find boring with the repetition so acquired interest to the game I guess. Thank you for taking the time to read it and make a comment.

  4. I have been struggling to find information on how to download the placeable Christmas tree. You have broken it down into some very easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. It worked a treat! Thank you so much for sharing. All the very best!

  5. My son would love this. He’s really into Minecraft. How hard would it be for me to help him get this set up? I’m not very technical. Can I find the farming simulator game in the app store? Do I need this first before I add the Xmas mods? Thanks for your help.

    • You would need to have the Farming Simulator installed that can be done App Store I did this myself on mobile apps or get right off the Giant Software website:

      The mods are for the windows pc platform or xbox not sure I can find mobile devices. Mods are not hard to install just have to be familiar with where your apps are in the system your working with but that is on the instructions so no wouldn’t be very technical just not something that see on mobile or tablet versions of the game.
      Unless I find something different I would say App Store or the website is where start with farming simulator 19.
      Other suggested game was FarmVille 2 have a lot of Christmas decoration things for free this is great farming game as well just lesser scale than farming simulator games.

  6. My nephew plays this game too I think he also has Farming Simulator 2019.
    Thank you for this post and the instructions on how to download the Mod File. I will tell him to download the placeable Christmas tree.

    • I’m glad I can help add to your nephew’s game playing experience nice to know some Farming Simulator enthusiasts are out there. Thanks for the comment.

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