Do you have a desire to have a real farming experience but never considered what the best gaming controllers can do to enhance that experience. Yes believe me the one difference to Farming real life and simulated life is in the controls. Real farming isn’t done through computer keyboards and computer mouse controls.

The best PC desktop computer game controllers for Farm Simulator has to be the Logitech G Farm Simulator Heavy Equipment Bundle. No farming experience would be complete unless you have the right driving feel while operating your heavy equipment on the farm. To operate the tractor with the right game controller makes this a great buy for the farming game enthusiasts. Pedals are needed to drive the tractor like those who experienced Truck Driving simulators or Flight simulators having the right controls make a difference and farming is no exception. So here is the walk through to the equipment to manage the Real Farming simulation as productively as possible.

Harvesting the Rewards of Complete Farm Management

Getting Closer to Reality

Caring for your virtual farm with the type of realistic tools allowing you the opportunity to give the blue ribbon of agricultural simulation video games a finer degree of control. Whether you are driving a vehicle be it pickup or Semi-truck or operating attachments for your combines or tractors this is a complete management system for your virtual experience.

A customized hardware that adds to the thrill of cultivating land, nurturing livestock, and selling goods to make your farm a rewarding venture.


Easy Installation

Plug and Play with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 – No Drivers NeededSeamlessly Compatible With Other PC SIM Games – Euro Truck, Train Simulator, FSX, XPlane, Elite Dangerous


Go For a Spin

900 Degrees of Rotation. This is an ideal wheel for the virtual simulator farming experience with a feel of actual farming equipment, the PC steering wheel turns two and a half times from lock to lock. The adjustable tilt of the wheel is especially designed for that farm reality experience.

Get a Grip

Getting a good grip on the steering wheel with a turn knob.

Having a turn knob gives you one extra hand free operation for those controls that “Vehicle Side Panel”

The knob is adjustable as well as removable. Place it wherever it is most comfortable.

Center sprung steering wheel simple meaning behavior that acts more like real steering where comes back to center when you release the wheel.


Enjoy Your Farms Natural Feeling Atmosphere

Driving through the farm you can almost smell the pasture land. You experience that atmosphere that can only be described as farming. Your senses will come alive as you cruise that wide open land as you manage your virtual farm. Whether from your tractor or pickup truck or even between loads on your Semi-Tractor Trailer you will love the joy and excitement of getting your hands on experience working that soil.

There comes a time in your game that will need additional buttons and sticks and as you can see as illustrated on right there are a plethora of controls on this device.

Twin analog sticks, each with a push-down button, allow you to control your camera angles or for getting your character navigating through the farm land. The 4-way hat switches near each stick provide eight more buttons at your fingertips. Two ergonomic, trigger-like buttons reside on the back. All programmable from within the game, these controls are ideal for your character when you need to walk around the farm yard between buildings as you go about doing chores. Or for those times when just like walking around seeing the abundance of the crops growing in the fields. Seeing a sunset on the farm will make you believe that you are there feeling the breeze on your face and smelling the fields that country air in the atmosphere of your pigs or cow or horses within your barns you can almost hear them as you are among that virtual farming experience.

This is the Natural feel and look to your experience and having this well-equipped steering wheel is what will have you singing that “Green Acres” song in your head as you reap the benefits of growing your farm in this simulation video game.

Stop and Go

A set of pedals with angular travel is set to 20 degrees, which connect to the wheel via a six feet cable (1.8m). This means one USB port is necessary to connect this system together to your computer.

My research on these devises for reliability have only given the wheel and pedals a mediocre rating and find that not as good as the controller for longevity and quality. For those who have them enjoy them some cases mechanical breakdowns shorten the life of these devices. Something for consideration when purchasing these but for my experience of using keyboards for gaming this is a step up and with some care and good luck can purchase some quality gear for your farm simulator game.

Managing Forestry- New Economic Branch

All-Axes Loader Control Side Panel Device

Mod-friendly with 25+ Programmable Buttons

Side Panel control stick provides a realistic sensations over the heavy machinery that you used to use your tree harvesters, various cranes, or chainsaws, chippers, accessory equipment and trailers even more. There is a cruise control speed dial with autopilot feature you can set it and forget it while you focus on the other tasks within your farm or your time you spend multitasking in your computer world.

The best experience to manage this new economic branch: Forestry. The experience truly adds value with this controller and with a programmable in-game device gives 25 plus programmable buttons and mod-friendly this multiple all axes’ loader control you will surely be a professional working those forest within your virtual farming game.

An Experience Like No Other

Nothing like cruising your well managed growing farm bursting with crops of wheat corn or cotton field, where you can feel the breeze in your face as you look out beyond your farm fields. This is your farming experience with many crops to grow and the neighbors that can help you raise them, harvest them and make the wealth you need to continue expanding. The farming machinery that feels like reality with the type of grip and feel that you want in a farm tractor is exactly what you will get from the Heavy Farm Equipment Bundle from Logitech.

GIANTS Software is constantly adding vehicles and features to enhance your farm simulator experience. The game contains over 250 authentic vehicles and tools, with even more in the works.

Having the Side Panel will make your Farm simulation ready to handle any of the games authentic vehicles and tools. Plenty of future expansion with these 25 programmable buttons and switches. So there will be many more crops, more animals to raise and breed and more multiplayer experiences to encounter in your simulation world, Hope you enjoy this article and look forward to hearing more about your experiences with these products.

A brief summation of what I have researched on the quality ratings to this product have the wheel and pedals just a mediocre rating for quality and the side panel was the best liked and had quality that lasted through many hours of use. The pedals and steering wheel did not fair so well in the hours of use causing shorting and failure in the construction.

I hope to hear further and expanding this website. Thanks for your information and insight as I journey this virtual world together with you

Let me know your questions and reviews.





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