Welcome to my website dedicated to the person that enjoys Personal Computer (PC) game playing and just want to experience a website providing incite and interests in this world of serious gaming individuals with a passion. This is the beginning of a great experience I trust that you will find honest reviews, up to date news, that will add to and make a wonderful PC gaming experience.


Unlike the technology of today, I grew up without the fine art of computers. When I was starting my school years we didn’t have words like smart phones, personal computers, websites, internet for that matter wasn’t even a concept yet. When computers did come into existence those big bulky machines that filled a room with those drives all having to be cooled in computer rooms with those elevated floors, the world of Main Frame computers. Wasn’t until I reached my senior year in High School that I finally began learning computer programming on the first Apple II computers to enter the market. Bitten by the technology bug I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to learn more about the technology and become prolific programmer skilled at creating those wonderful Personal Computer games. I just enjoyed the games that are out there and the technology that develop them.

Out of the world of the Main Frame computer world I came in as a computer operator learning what these systems could do in the business world. I still fascinated by the computer games and how these were created, I enjoyed the field and getting into the market of software testing provided great means to work with different capacities with developers to quality proof their programming applications.

Meeting people be what I like to do most and through this means of social networking believe more now than ever that resources and people can be utilized to form a great informational resource for those who like and experience joys of the computer realm of gaming. So I find myself here creating new beginnings.

I don’t come to the world of Gaming as a prolific programmer or developer of web content, just an enthusiast who would like to learn from others, dialog with developers for release note or information on the latest games for the PC platform. I look forward to growing and learning in this field. I hope that give me the opportunity to make this a valuable resource together we can.

If everything than is worth the journey as long as make us who we are now, than what I bring is a diverse background, a heart for computers, thirst for knowledge, desire to meet people and a can do attitude.


Computer gaming for PC can be frustrating, overwhelming trying to figure out those details in those hidden secrets programmed into those games. How do you know if like a good movie a good game is worth the investment or time therefore a community of resources is need to navigate into the world of games. If you are a beginner or a novice looking to become the next great gaming sensation of your social group.

Bottom line is that computer games make you smart and better at life so here are all the ways this works according to Psychology Today computer games can improve your problem solving skills, memory and processing speed, Most important for me is keep mind active as facing that all important aging part of the baby boomers getting up in years.


This is a website for those reviews to post on the games that find worth reporting on, and to have a resource to learn to release notes, programmers inside the software hints and tips for your gaming experience to be the best and have an honest source of reviews to evaluate the value of investing your time and resources into a game of interest. I’m here to provide a journal is great resources in the PC gaming community.



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